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Garden Tips-N-Tricks

Soil Amendments to Improve the Garden

Kathy Hoggard, Master Gardener of Greater KC is the author of these two articles. She explains in clear terms what to do for the good health of your garden soil specific to our area and she explains the workhorse of the soil - microorganisms.

Soil Analysis

It is important to know the pH and available nutrients in the soil. This link outlines how to take a soil sample and submit for analysis at the KSU JoCo Extension office.

Planting Guides

Here is an excellent general purpose Kansas Garden Guide by the KSU Agricultural Experiment Station & Cooperative Extension Service. 

Vegetable Garden Planting Guide - get the specifics of how much to plant, when to plant, planting depth and days to germinate/harvest. 

Weed Management

If you want the science behind weeds check out this extensive site by Cornell University.

Pest Management

The first step in addressing a garden problem is proper identification of the pest.  Here are several good sources.

Check out this in-depth article from the KSU Agricultural Experiment Station & Cooperative Extension Service on pest management for organic vegetable gardens with colored photos of the good and bad bugs. 

Recommended site by Dr. Cloyd of Kansas State University to identify a pest. 

Excellent site by Texas A&M of the good, bad and the ugly of garden pests.  Insects are grouped as Beneficial Insects, Sucking Insects, Chewing Insects and Soil Insects.   

Watering Tips

If you can't water in the mornings, make sure to water at the base of the plants to avoid having the leaves remain wet overnight.  Having wet leaves is an invitation for disease.    

Have a Garden Question?

Ask a Johnson County K-State Extension Master Gardener by calling 913-715-7050 between 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday or email them at